Buckhorn Dog Ranch | Erin Lawson - Buckhorn Dog Ranch
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Erin Lawson

The Buckhorn Dog Ranch is the only place in Kamloops that I feel comfortable taking my dog to for daycare / overnight boarding. I take my dog there one day a week for daycare and when I go to pick her up she is always relaxed, happy and tired from all her activity. I have taken her to other daycare type facilities and she was always terrified and shaking when I left her and she was overly anxious when I picked her up. I know that she gets a ton of structured activity while at the Buckhorn Dog Ranch, and she comes home more balanced and ready for her dinner and bed. Since we adopted her, we hadn’t gone on vacation because there wasn’t anyone I trusted leaving her with over night. She is a Staffordshire Terrier, and unfortunately there is a stigma attached to her breed. She has literally been attacked by an off leash dog, while on her leash, and did not fight back what-so-ever at all, and the lady tried to blame me, saying that ‘dogs like her’ are dangerous. I was always hesitant that if left her somewhere and a fight happened that the kennel would automatically blame her and she would be in trouble. Now that we have the Buckhorn Dog Ranch, we can happily leave our dog overnight and go on vacation, knowing full well that she is safe, getting a tone of energy, and will never be blamed for anything, unless it truly is her fault.

Dean and his family are all involved in the day to day care of the dogs, and his children have a better work ethic then a lot of adults that I  know. There has been countless mornings when I drop my dog off early and his son Ty is out there walking dogs. I love the fact that I am able to support a local, family run business. The level of care my dog receives while she is at the Buckhorn Dog Ranch, is seamless to that I give her while she is at home. I do not hesitate for one second to refer my family, friends, coworkers and complete strangers to Dean.